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Integrative Nutrition counseling:

Well, fun fact, nutrition is just one main pillar integrative nutrition counseling and our overall health! :)


When we use it in combination with other pillars like sleep hygiene, stress/adrenal health, blood sugar management, elimination diets, personalised and positive lifestyle changes, gut health status, replenishing nutrient gaps, using vital nutrients- in the right ratios, superior quality products in correct doses and timings of supplements and the right superfoods, watching for drug-nutrient interactions, it is called integrative nutrition!


Well, this might sound overwhelming, but that's why we always start with foods first approach, and move to which strategy could work best for you best, so it's not very restrictive for long and also not financially burdensome. It's the concoction of these strategies which leads to "Integrative Nutrition". Bottom line is, we try to combine some of these that would best fit your needs and goals, health conditions, lifestyle and budget.

We specialise in offering one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions (couples are welcome too)! Usually the first session is over an hour long. This session is mainly for nutrition assessment and figuring out where you're at and making a ROADMAP for you- breaking goals it into smaller goals and considering your lowest hanging fruits first. We re-evaluate and monitor these as we go. 

As gut health is the GATEWAY of good overall health, we always like to keep that in perspective, using 'food as medicine' and 'personalisation'!

This is the most natural way to support our bodies and time and time again this has helped many transform their health and reach their potential! 

MRT (Mediator Release test): This could benefit with the following conditions- (not covered by insurances; needs a blood draw)

More on this at-


More on this: print, fill out and email us to get started- 

Supplements review and recommendations: We provide expert nutrition advice for people of all ages and prescribe dietary treatments for many conditions. Reviewing these with us or starting /adding new supplements to your diet is very important. Supplement timings, dosing and interactions with your ongoing medications is always considered.

Vitamin D or Omega-review and recommendations:

These are dried blood spot collection at home, ordered and sent in the mail for testing. This could be ordered at the Nutri-Dyn store as below.


Continuous Glucose Monitor: This is another advance tool we use for clients who deal with chroinc conditions related to blood sugar dys-regulations and insulin resistance are ready to take their health to the next level and learn how their bodies handle blood sugars. 




FullScript Virtual dispensary -This is a pharmaceutical grade dispensary, with practitioner discount, third party tested supplements, right at your doorstep! 

Free Shipping on orders above $50. We will be happy to share practitioner discount code with you.


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