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MNT referral info for providers

Ginger Spice Health, LLC welcomes referrals from all healthcare providers throughout the State of Minnesota!


  • We specialise in providing evidence based, telehealth nutrition counselling services for preventive and nutrition-related medical problems.


  • Many insurance companies would still cover medical nutrition therapy (aka nutrition counselling) as a preventive benefit, even if patient have no medical condition.

IMPORTANT DOWNLOADS/ FORMS for provider offices: 

Download the general "MNT Provider Referral Form" --

Click here for a printer-friendly one-pager "MNT provider REFERRAL FORM" works for all insurances

When does insurance cover under preventive? (to the best of our knowledge):

Most often preventive coverage means-

  • For all pregnancy related nutritional counseling 

  • Childhood weight management over 6years

  • BMI>25 

  • CVD risk factor (hypertension/ elevated lipids/ prediabetes or impaired blood glucose, etc

One-pager Medicare Summary for providers referring for MNT 

One-Pager MN Medicaid Summary for Provider Referring for MNT

How could my patients get in touch with you?

Email OR Call/Text 612-756-9894 

Click here for our flyer for your patients- to share digitally or print

How is nutrition counseling services covered by insurances?

Under the Affordable Care Act, nutrition services are now available to all who are at risk for chronic diseases at a 100%. Some policies cover as preventive service, while some as medical nutrition therapy. Due to this, the access to preventive services has increased for the general patient population. ACA requires many insurance plans (so-called 'non-grandfathered' plans) to provide coverage for and eliminate cost-sharing on certain recommended preventive health services when delivered by in-network providers, for policies renewing on or after September 23, 2010.


Preventive care is defined as items or services with an A or B rating by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and includes "healthy diet counseling" and "obesity screening and counseling." The law has provided new opportunities for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists to receive reimbursement for their services. 

Why should we have RDN partnership for nutrition counseling?

Any private practice would be incomplete without an RDN on their team! Patients could be still looking for more complete care as nutrition is a cornerstone for good health. Therefore, RDN partnership could be very beneficial to your clients, long-term! Moreover, we accept all major insurances in MN, it's a win-win situation for everyone!

We know how much you have on your plate already and RDN partnership could change your treatment outcomes dramatically and positively! More on having an RDNs on your team by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, here--> "Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Can Benefit Your Practice".

How can a registered dietitian nutritionist support your practice?

Instead of clients struggling on their own, doing their own research, or following some fad diets, why not empower you’re your clients with an evidence-based nutrition approach? They’ll see the benefits of your help in just sending a referral to us and we’ll take care of the rest and work in collaboration with you.

We’ll do their insurance verification for MNT as a courtesy, nutrition assessment, follow-ups and monitoring, EMR charting in HIPPA compliant platform, easy and convenient telehealth visits, billing, and everything in between, and even send you nutrition progress notes for your medical records. 

How to initiate a referral for nutrition services?

ONE step process (HIPPA compliant): Use your 'Medicare referral form’' or download ours under "Important downloads" section above.

1. Fax: 612-712-8264


2. email: 


PLUS we appreciate the following documentation-

  • A filled out the referral form when needed (required for Medicare attached below in 'Important downloads')

  • Demographic data, history & physical, recent progress note or recent visit summary

  • Most current labs and medication list on file (or patient sends from patient portal)

Which insurances would need a signed referral from the provider?

To the best of our knowledge-

(For this, we will get in touch with your front office via fax)

  • Medicare/ Medicare advantage plans always requires a doctor’s order.

  • Aetna needs referral + medical diagnosis code(s) from the physician.

  • MN Medicaid - any written note/document 

  • Medica -any prescription for service (aka Dr’s orders)

With other insurances, it's plan specific.

Do you see multicultural and diverse populations?


We are culturally competent with >10 years of experience in working with diverse and multicultural populations. Increasing healthcare access to minorities and people of color is today's need of the hour! Educational material would be provided in different languages, whenever possible.

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​I look forward to the opportunity to support your patients. Have questions?

Please contact:
Priyanka S., M.Sc, RD, LD
Owner and nutrition consultant

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

About our services-

We provide Integrated health, Nutrition consultation services/Medical Nutrition Therapy for different medical, chronic and inflammatory conditions. Our approach is “Food as Medicine” and “Personalization” following evidence-based practices to healing body as a whole, thus increasing the quality of life!


To increase access to care, we accept major insurances in Minnesota. After all- Prevention is always better than cure!



Diversity Liaison for the Indians in Nutrition and Dietetics- Member Interest Group

Academy of Nutrition and DieteticsAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Present 

Advocating cultural awareness and nutrition through different lenses

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Please CONTACT here!

Feel free to reach out regarding any questions you may have, we'll be happy to get back to you. 


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