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Referral info for providers

Ginger Spice Health, LLC welcomes referrals from all healthcare providers throughout the State of Minnesota!


  • We specialise in providing evidence based, telehealth nutrition counselling services for preventive and nutrition-related, chronic health conditions.

  • Conditions we see- Autoimmune disorders, Managing chronic health issues, Gut health issues, Endocrine/hormonal problems, Metabolic health/weight issues, Women's health, Intuitive eating, Pregnancy, Wellness, Malnutrition, Heart and Liver health, Food restrictions, etc. 

  • Many insurance companies would still cover medical nutrition therapy (aka nutrition counselling) as a preventive benefit, even if patient have no medical condition.


How to initiate a referral for nutrition services?

It's a ONE step process-

Download the MAIN "MNT Provider Referral Form" 

Click here for a printer-friendly one-pager "MNT provider REFERRAL FORM"; works for all insurances

Please send a filled out referral form on our fax #: 612-712-8264

Please include demographic data, history/ physical, recent progress note

Baseline Labs: bloodwork from the this or past year including CBC, CMP, liver panel, ferritin, TSH, BP, etc


For any questions regarding this, please email: OR call 612-756-9894

Our policy-

  • Expect a fax response from us within 4 business days of receipt of your referral form

  • Every time the mutual patient is seen, we fax over a progress note for patient's chart

One-pager Medicare Summary for providers referring for MNT 

One-Pager MN Medicaid Summary for Provider Referring for MNT

How could my patients get in touch with you?

Email OR Call/Text 612-756-9894 

Click here for our flyer for your patients- to share digitally or print

Why should we have RDN partnership for nutrition counseling?

Any private practice would be incomplete without an RDN on their team! Patients could be still looking for more complete care as nutrition is a cornerstone for good health. Therefore, RDN partnership could be very beneficial to your clients, long-term! Moreover, we accept all major insurances in MN, it's a win-win situation for everyone!

We know how much you have on your plate already and RDN partnership could change your treatment outcomes dramatically and positively! More on having an RDNs on your team by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, here--> "Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Can Benefit Your Practice".

Do you see multicultural and diverse populations?


We are culturally competent with >12 years of experience in working with diverse and multicultural populations. Increasing healthcare access to minorities and people of color is today's need of the hour! Educational material would be provided in different languages, whenever possible.

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Our in-network insurance partners

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