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PCOD, menopause, perimenopause, rheumatoid arthritis, gestational and healthy pregnancies, weight management, etc

Women's health

Supporting people with food allergies & intolerances, restricted diets- vegans, vegetarians, gluten free, dairy free, etc

Food restrictions

Meal planning tips, tricks, tools, simplifying nutrition and make it sustainable

Meal ideas

We coach you finding ways to add movement and ways to stay active, what works for your lifestyle and we also provide you tracking tools

Lifestyle modifications

Populations we serve

Pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes

Populations we serve

Helping you through many chronic diseases and finding ways to nourish your bodies

High cholesterol/ elevated lipids,  blood pressure, fatty liver, etc

Crohn's, Celiac, IBD, IBS with constipation/ diarrhea, GERD, low FODMAPS, etc

Metabolic syndrome and metabolic health, prevention and wellness

Blood sugar regulation

Gastrointestinal disorders

Metabolic health

Heart and liver Health

Malnutrition or underweight

Conditions we support

Great news! I had my colonoscopy yesterday and they found no inflammation and no ulcers!  I just want to take a moment to thank you for all of your help and guidance. I attribute a lot of my healing to the work that we have done together and appreciate your wisdom and knowledge.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your time and energy with me.
L.F., MN

What clients are saying?

I am a huge fan of Priyanka's nutrition counseling. I've had 3 sessions so far and am excited to continue forward! Priyanka focuses on my goals, desires, what I'm struggling with, and puts in genuine effort into each session with helping me to move forward in life. As someone who has been struggling with yo-yo dieting for nearly a decade, I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel towards freedom from diet culture, and a new focus on overall health. If you are someone who has fallen victim to the traps of diet culture, go see Priyanka!
Lana B., MN
I started seeing Priyanka 4 months after giving birth. Priyanka helped me navigate my issues and concerns by putting together a plan that was personalized to my needs. As we worked together, I started noticing improvements and feeling better. I would highly recommend seeing Priyanka because she listens and ensures to provide the best options that will help you. She's also really knowledgeable and a great person overall!
Rebecca B., MN

The nutrition counseling offered by Ginger Spice Health has been a life changing experience for me. Priyanka did an incredible job in assembling my health information and coming out with holistic diet-based approach to my health concerns. I was deeply impressed with her in-depth analysis of each test result, each condition, each symptom and coming up with "easy to understand" explanation and recommendation. For me, she truly picked up things where our healthcare system lacks. I would gladly recommend Ginger Health Services to anyone interested in holistic health.
Mr. Raj K., MN

I had recently been diagnosed with an auto immune condition when I first reached out to Priyanka. I was looking for ways to improve my health, decrease inflammation and fatigue, gain strength back, and learn how to support my health with nutrition. Priyanka worked with me to create goals and led me through an anti inflammation protocol that helped me reach remission of symptoms. Priyanka is very knowledgeable, supportive, and thorough. You can tell that she really cares about her patients and takes the time to listen and thoughtfully suggest interventions. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dietician!

Lindsey, MN

I was struggling with diabetes and high A1C of 12.8% and my PCP was about to put me on insulin. I was really motivated to change things and had heard reversing diabetes was possible.

I worked with Priyanka, she layered one strategy over the other, gave me many useful resources along the way and with some hand-holding, in a matter of less than three months I was able to bring my A1C down to 6.9%.

I enjoyed my sessions with her and I appreciate the knowledge she has. If you are looking for a dietitian to help move you forward on your path to wellness, I would highly recommend working with Priyanka!

Suman S., MN

I was struggling with gut health issues before seeing Priyanka Sagar. Priyanka helped me with a nutrition plan. I highly recommend seeing Priyanka because with her expertise she quickly understood the issue, motivated me throughout the treatment journey, provided details information, and always made herself available for all questions I had. Priyanka helped me to heal faster and at the lowest cost possible. Finally, delivering results is the ultimate goal and purpose of her service.

Sharon D.

Priyanka helped me learn so much about my own body using integrative nutrition pillars. Not only did she have a deep understanding of the gut-body connection, but she also took the time to listen to my individual struggles and tailor a plan that fit my unique needs. I highly recommend Ginger Spice Health services for anyone looking to use holistic approach to get healthy.

R.R., MN

Communication policy:


How to get support between sessions if you have any questions?

  • Insurance doesn't cover this but we'll be happy to support you if you are looking for any quick answers.

  • Something that needs MORE TIME and explanations would be done during our next appointment.

  • We do attempt to reply to emails and voicemails within 24-48 hours on weekdays.


Ways to get in touch with us-

1. Email us by using the 'REPLY' tab on any email sent by Ginger Spice Health, LLC

2. Email at

3. For any general questions text at 612-756-9894

Cancellation policy:

I understand, just like myself, that my dietitian's time is also valuable.

I agree to keep all scheduled appointments and be on time. If I cannot attend a scheduled session, I will contact/call or text 612-756-9894 to cancel and/or reschedule TWO days BEFORE the appointment time

For appointments:


This way we could share resources.

Please find the link in your appointment confirmation OR reminder.

Office Policies:

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