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Overcoming inflammation-
Had enough? Let's cut to the chase!  

"The Ultra ANTI- Inflammatory Diet Protocol" program

Would you be a good candidate for this protocol?


  • Are so called healthier foods making you sick?

  • Are you unable to go without reintroducing eliminated foods?

  • Are you unable to reintroduce HIGH FODMAP as expected?

  • Have you tried most diets but nothing seems to work?

  • If you've done a trail of the full elimination diet, it didn't help, it's time!

  • YES, if you want to just CUT TO THE CHASE, it's time!

Some of my symptoms are right cues that may be associated with food sensitivities:

  • Digestive Complaints: diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, gas, distension

  • General Malaise (feeling lousy): fatigue, insomnia, restlessness

  • Emotional Mental State: depression, anxiety, brain fog, irritability

  • Skin Problems: eczema, psoriasis, flushing, itchy skin, rosy cheeks, urticaria

  • Nasal/Sinus Issues: stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, post nasal drip, sinus pain

  • Weight Management: food cravings, water retention, fluctuating weight

  • Muscle/Joint Pain: aching, stiffness, pain

Some of the conditions associated with food sensitivities are: Migraines and Other Headaches, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Heartburn/GERD, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Autism, ADD/ADHD.


















As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a trained Certified Leap Therapist, I can help you with a very PERSONALIZED approach than most other health professionals do out there!


This diet protocol is 100% INDIVIDUALIZED as it is based on advance blood testing for food-sensitivities. Did you know that food-sensitivities are also be very helpful in controlling many chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmune diseases?

Lets pause duct-tapping these symptoms, which is not a long-term solution, and let's find ways to heal with your reactive/sensitive foods.

LEAP dietary protocol has helped thousands of patients accross the country and have turned their years of suffering into happy and healthy future. LEAP MRT is not a diagnostic test, but is a helpful tool for identifying food sensitivities that may be impacting your health. WHY WAIT when we have a solution to the problem? 

STEP 1- Getting to know you- with your health history and taking a "Symptom Survey Score". This gives a good starting point to see if this test is a right fit for you and how much inflammation is in your body. 


STEP 2- Discover your food-sensitivity with a simple patented blood work, called the Mediator Release Test (MRT). MRT measures how much inflammation your body produces when different foods and chemicals are present. We test for a total of 170 foods and chemicals.

When our body's defense soldiers called white blood cells come into contact with something that they see as a threat, they release some chemical weapons (called mediators, has some with funny names like cytokines, interleukins, etc). These accumulate in the body, causing inflammation, and you can experience all these negative effects like digestive issues, headaches, migraines, aches and pains, low energy levels and a myraid of other symptoms which impacts your quality of life. 

STEP 3- We start you on your blood-specific, "ultra anti-inflammatory diet called LEAP protocol"- LEAP stands for Lifestyle Eating and Performance Protocol.

Interesting links-

Whats LEAP protocol? 

Understanding diet induced inflammation: 

Initial Symptom survey: <---click here to see your symptom score

MRT sample report--

MRT tested food and chemicals list- 

Once we take away the threat, that means eliminate the foods and chemicals that your white blood cells don't like, thus the symptoms start to disappear, in a fairly short time!

This LEAP dietary protocol has 3 phases-

PHASE 1: ImmunoCalm diet phase-

This lasts for 2-3 weeks

Only eat the safe green food, along with some more as recommended

(combining results of MRT blood test + symptom survey)

Mainly home-cooked foods with wholesome and nutritious ingredients

Maintaining a food and symptom diary everyday

PHASE 2: Expansion phase-

This lasts for 4-6 weeks or your symptoms are at least 50% better

We add more of the safer foods

Mainly home-cooked foods with wholesome and nutritious ingredients

Keep the food and symptom diary, very important 

PHASE 3: Reintroduction phase- 

We keep expanding our diet

Increasing variety and diversity of foods

Avoid red foods for 6 months and yellow for 3 months

Food and symptom diary still an essential tool

Autoimmune conditions in which ultra Inflammatory Diet protocol helps

What does this mean?


YES! This means that we MAY have a solution to your PROBLEMS! AND you can get back to re-living your quality life sooner than you could ever imagined.

Ready to schedule a discovery call now? 


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