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Insurances we accept & Payment information

Did you know that your insurance may cover nutrition counseling?

  • Many insurance companies would still cover medical nutrition therapy (aka nutrition counseling) as a preventive benefit, even if you have no medical condition.

  • We do this for you with your permission and encourage you to also verify your nutrition benefits by calling back of your insurance card (1-800 number) 

  • What questions to ask during verification? <--click here  

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Can you self-refer (without provider's referral)?:

  • YES! 

Insurances we accept/in-network:

  • We accept -> Aetna, PreferredOne, BlueCross BlueShield, HealthPartners, MultiPlan, United (UHC), Medicaid (MA and MinnesotaCare), Medicare and Medica in Minnesota.

We provide Superbills (for out-of-network plans):

  • Superbills are RECEIPTS we provide to you and YOU submit to your insurance company for reimbursement, IF you have out-of-network nutrition benefits. In this case, you'll be paying us with your credit card.

We accept HSA/FSA cards 

  • In this case, you prefer to use your HSA/FSA cards.

Self pay/Cash pay:

  • We offer PROMPT PAY discounts if you pay at the time of services. We accept all major credit cards. 

 VIRTUAL visits on secure platform:

  • Our services are provided on HIPPA compliant platform and data is stored on secure electronic medical records.

  • Appointments are VIRTUAL currently. Video is preferred over audio. This adds convenience- right from your home/ workplace/during lunch time, reducing travel time and independent of weather conditions. You should be in Minnesota during telehealth visit for insurance to pay.

Have questions about insurance verification?

DOWNLOAD your questions below to ask your insurance-

If you'd like us to screen for insurance coverage, please fill out the form below OR send patient's insurance info to

  • Patient name
  • Patient date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number 
  • Copy of the front of insurance card
  • Copy of the back of insurance card
  • Any questions you may have

This inbox is frequently monitored!

Thanks for submitting!

talking on phones

Communication policy:


How to get support between sessions if you have any questions?

  • Insurance doesn't cover this but we'll be happy to support you if you are looking for any quick answers.

  • Something that needs MORE TIME and explanations would be done during our next appointment.

  • We do attempt to reply to emails and voicemails within 24-48 hours on weekdays.


Ways to get in touch with us-

1. Email us by using the 'REPLY' tab on any email sent by Ginger Spice Health, LLC

2. Email at

3. For any general questions text at 612-756-9894

Cancellation policy:

I understand, just like myself, that my dietitian's time is also valuable.

I agree to keep all scheduled appointments and be on time. If I cannot attend a scheduled session, I will contact/call or text 612-756-9894 to cancel and/or reschedule TWO days BEFORE the appointment time

For appointments:


This way we could share resources.

Please find the link in your appointment confirmation OR reminder.

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What's "Good faith Estimate"? 

This helps understand the costs in advance: Getting cost estimates before you get care if you’re uninsured or self-pay

Beginning January 1, 2022, if you’re uninsured or don’t plan to submit your claim to your health plan, health care providers and facilities must provide you with a “good faith estimate” of expected charges before you get an item or service. The good faith estimate isn’t a bill.

Providers and facilities must give you a good faith estimate if you ask for one, or when you schedule an item or service. It should include expected charges for the primary item or service you’re getting, and any other items or services provided as part of the same scheduled experience.

In 2022, the estimate isn’t required to include items and services provided to you by another provider or facility, but you can ask these providers or facilities for a separate estimate. In 2023, the provider or facility will be required to provide co-provider or co-facility cost information.

Note: You could be charged more than the estimate if you get additional items or services during your visit or procedure that your doctor didn’t anticipate.

What to expect from a good faith estimate

Providers and facilities must give you:

  • Your good faith estimate before an item or service is provided, within certain timeframes.

  • An itemized list with specific details and expected charges for items and services related to your care.

  • Your good faith estimate in writing (paper or electronic). Note: A provider or facility can discuss the information included in the estimate over the phone or in person if you ask.

  • Your estimate in a way that’s accessible to you.

Disputing charges higher than the estimate

Once you get your good faith estimate from your provider or facility, keep it in a safe place so you can compare it to bills you get later.

If you get the bill and the charges are at least $400 above the good faith estimate, you may be eligible to start a patient-provider dispute.

Learn more about the patient-provider dispute resolution process, including eligibility requirements.


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Please APPLY here!

Feel free to reach out regarding any questions you may have, we'll be happy to get back to you. 


Thanks for reaching out! 


The bottom THREE fields are required if you'd like us to verify your benefits

(for insurance clients)


Thanks for reaching out!

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