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Adaptogens infused absolute best green-teas

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

What are adaptogens?

These are non-toxic plants that help the body deal with stressors, whether physical, chemical, or biological. These herbs and roots have been used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions, but they're having a comeback today. They regulate anti-aging and anti-stress hormones. Flavoring green tea is a brilliant excuse to consume some of these adaptogens.

Changing your mindset will change habits!

It’s not close to the desi black chai we are so used to. But it’s the universal healthiest beverage! It took me many years to get used to it, I don't blame you if you are still not used to the taste. I thank my lovely friend, who was vegan at the time and always had green tea handy. Unlike black teas, green tea is less processed, that's why it is so rich in nutrients and antioxidants!

Top 10 reasons to get you hooked on green tea and adaptogens:

  1. Calorie-free so helps with controlling weight