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Crispy Mexican tostada

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Tostadas make a great low-carb meal as long as your portions are in control. It's delish, it's light once you top it up with some heart-healthy veggies! It could serve as a great addition to quick healthy meal plans!

Tostadas are a wonderful twist to traditional and high-carb pizzas. It's has a crispy thin crust, load it up with your favorite veggies on hand, fresh or frozen, or make it vegan by adding beans and tofu and top it off with cheese! Just re-create it every time you make it! It's one of the under 30 minutes for my household! :)

The word “Tostada” in Spanish means “toasted” and authentically, it's made from a deep-fried corn tortilla. Corn tortillas are also a great alternative as they are high in fiber. There are many wonderful options for low-carb tortillas available in grocery stores these days. My two favorite ones are 'Xtremen Wellness' and 'Carb Balance'. If you are not into low-carb, try whole-grain tortillas and they crisp up just fine!