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Spicy tofu and turmeric cauliflower-rice:

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Looking for an easy one pot meal and protein rich? Well here's one quick, rice and cauliflower-rice dish! It's easy peasy, non- labor-intensive and so special! It's loaded with veggies, heart-healthy and so wholesome!

When you are trying to add more veggies to your dishes and not meeting your goals, her's one easy way is to do so by swapping some starches with those veggies. And if you haven't yet gotten a chance to try cauliflower-rice or are skeptical, now is the time to take the leap and start. How about start with mixing regular white/brown rice with cauliflower rice (1:1 ratio).

For all of the reasons below, cauliflower-rice has become a popular rice alternative. There are a bunch of advantages to it:

  • It's made from one of the healthiest cruciferous vegetables, so it's full of nutrients like fiber, potassium, vitamins C, K and B6

  • It has 25 calories per cup as compared to 200 Kcal for a cup of cooked white rice

  • It has only 3 gms/cup of net carbs as compared to white rice which has around 45 gms/cup

  • It cooks quickly

  • It flavors very well

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So, let's start cooking!


Prep time: 30 minutes

Cook time: 20 min

Serves: 3-4


  • olive oil, 2 tbsp

  • onion, diced, 1/2 big

  • garlic cloves or powder, 3, optional

  • plain greek yogurt, 1 Tbsp

  • tofu, cubed, 1/2 lb

  • bay leaf and cinnamon stick, 1-2 in number (optional)

  • turmeric powder, 1 tsp (other options are taco seasoning or all spice, 1 Tbsp)

  • salt, to taste

  • mix veggies, 3 cups (mushrooms, bell peppers, mix- fresh or frozen)

  • cauliflower-rice, 3 cups

  • OPTIONAL- plain white/ brown rice, 1 cup cooked

Serve with side: Mint and cucumber yogurt

Optional- use cooked white or brown rice and simmer


  1. heat oil, fry onions until golden brown for 2-3 minutes, on medium-high. Add the chopped garlic/ garlic powder.

  2. add bay leaf and cinnamon stick, bell peppers, and mushrooms, cook for 2 minutes or so.

  3. add all the other veggies on hand (fresh or frozen), and combine salt, spices, turmeric, and greek yogurt. Toss in gently.

  4. top it up with a layer of cauliflower rice (this is the time to also add in some white or brown rice which is totally optional). Leave the layer without tossing (avoid pressing down too much)

  5. simmer on slow for 8 min. Take off the stovetop, and leave it covered for another 5-7 minutes before serving.

  6. garnish with cilantro (optional).

  7. toss gently when ready to eat.

For the side of spiced cucumber and mint yogurt:

Whisk 1.5 cup plain yogurt, 1/2 cup water and combine pink Himalayan salt, cumin powder, mint, grated cucumber. Chill before serving.

Mint and cucumber yogurt

Pro tips:

  • As mentioned above, it's fine to mix regular rice with cauliflower rice (1:1 ratio) of you are skeptical

  • Avoid too much greek yogurt on rice, we just to make it moist, or it'll become runny.

Did you try this recipe? I would so much love to hear your variation of this recipe! :)


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