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No-effort, Grilled tofu-veggie kebabs on skewers, straight from Turkey

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

When cubes of tofu and colorful veggies are soaked in a spicy and flavorful marinade to absorb flavor, then threaded onto skewers and grilled to get that charred flavor, it sure becomes a hit right away! This one is an exciting and tempting recipe for the whole family to cook together and enjoy!

Sprouted and fermented forms of tofu are great protein sources when consumed in moderation. They are easy to digest and has less troublesome phytic acid content. It's also high in nutrients like calcium, selenium, manganese, iron, and magnesium.

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Greek yogurt is undoubtedly more nutritious as it has roughly double the amount of protein, the same amount of calories, almost half the sugar content, and is thicker in consistency as compared to regular plain yogurt.

This is due to the reason that greek yogurt is strained thrice instead of twice (plain yogurt). So whenever possible, try to substitute plain yogurt with Greek yogurt. Both types are packed with probiotics and help with digestion and are heart-healthy.

A quick note about the spices- if you could get your hands on just one Indian spice, it should be the tikka spice mix, use a generous amount of it, and you'll be good to go!

Let's jump to the recipe.


Gluten-free: skip naan as a side



Vegan: substitute greek yogurt with plain coconut or almond yogurt


LOW-carb: reduce naan portions

KETO friendly: skip naan as a side; replace plain yogurt with plain greek yogurt

Prep time: 25 minutes

Cook time: 25-30 min

Serves: 3-4

This one is on a panini press so both sides cook quickly. Other options are on a griddle or a stovetop pan as well.


  • super firm tofu, 1 lb (or the same amount of paneer)

  • cherry tomatoes, 1 cup

  • zucchini or yellow squash, 2 in number, diced

  • baby bella mushrooms, diced, 1 cup

  • colored bell pepper, diced, 1.5 cup

  • onions, 1.5 cup, cubed

  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed

  • plain greek yogurt, 3/4 cup

  • olive oil, 2-3 Tbsp

  • few wooden skewers, soaked


  • turmeric, 1 tsp

  • paprika, 1 tsp, optional

  • dry coriander powder, 2 Tbsp, optional

  • lime juice, 1/2 lime

  • salt, to taste

  • tikka spice mix, 2 Tbsp

Served with a side of yogurt: with finely chopped mint, cilantro mint and green chutney/ chopped leaves and chilies, salt, and pepper; serve with flatbread OR over rice


  1. if using wooden skewers be sure to soak in water which will prevent them from burning up.

  2. wash and pat dry all the veggies. Press tofu for a few minutes to drain excess water. Cut everything in cubes, uniform in size as possible so they all cook evenly. Keep the size medium big so it doesn't it falls off the sticks

  3. drizzle oil, greek yogurt, all spices, and seasonings over them. Marinate for at least 10 minutes (up to 30 min) so for flavors to soak in.

  4. preheat the grill or griddle, thread veggies, and tofu in skewers. Cooking time varies. Here it's at a panini-press setting, lightly pressed to cook both sides together, at 450F for 10-12 minutes, turning twice. Once you notice, it's cooked and charred to your liking, it's ready to serve!


  • avoid using veggies like raw potatoes, cauliflower which takes longer to cook than others, unless it's slightly pre-cooked/steamed

  • super firm tofu doesn't usually hold much water and is a preferable form of tofu. Be sure to pat it dry with a dish/kitchen towel. Paneer could be used as a variation to tofu.

  • toss the marinade very gently with veggies and tofu to avoid veggies breaking into smaller pieces and crumbling of tofu

  • avoid overcooking to keep it moist and prevent it from a dry texture

  • avoid too tightly threaded veggies so it cooks evenly

  • cube the veggies in medium to bigger pieces so it threads easily and doesn't fall off

Give this recipe a try and would love to hear which version of this did you make? Enjoy! :)


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